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1. Why is the brush and bulk program being modified?
2. When will my brush and bulk items be collected?
3. How do I know my two pick-up days per month?
4. When should I place my brush/bulk items at the curb?
5. Where should I put my brush/bulk items at the curb?
6. What if my items are not picked up on my scheduled collection day?
7. How much “stuff” can I put at the curb on my collection day?
8. What if I have a small amount to set out – a bag of leaves and small cuttings?
9. What if I have items to put out at a time other than my collection day?
10. Can I get a “special pickup” at a time other than my scheduled collection day?
11. What if I put items out at a time other than my seven day collection window?
12. What if I hire a professional tree trimmer to perform tree cutting services?
13. Why do I have to separate brush from bulky items such as old furniture and appliances?
14. I understand that my brush and bulk items should be separated and placed at least 6 feet apart. What goes in the brush pile and what goes in the bulk pile?
15. Why do limbs and stumps in excess of 8 inches in diameter have to go to the landfill?
16. What if I am physically unable to get my brush/bulk items to the curb?
17. What if I have construction debris from remodeling or enlarging my home?
18. What if there is a storm that leaves broken limbs and brush in my yard?