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1. When do I need to plat property?
2. What ordinances will I need to follow in the platting process?
3. I know I need plat my property now what should I do?
4. How long does the platting process take once I submit my application to city staff?
5. I have submitted my plat application to the City, what happens next?
6. If my plat is heard by the P&Z and Temple City Council should I be in attendance at those meetings?
7. My property is in the ETJ, what additional steps are required?
8. How do I know if I am within the City’s ETJ?
9. My plat was granted final approval by staff, P&Z, or City Council what steps remain?
10. Where can I put a mobile home?
11. How do I get an inspection for electrical, mechanical, or plumbing?
12. Where do I go to bid for a project?
13. Must I place my house, accessory building, or fence a certain distance from the property lines?
14. How do I find out the location of an easement?
15. What are the landscape requirements for new commercial property?
16. How can I locate the water line from my home to the meter?
17. How do I find out what the zoning is on a piece of property?
18. How do I know what uses are allowed on a particular zoning district?
19. What is zoning?
20. How does the zoning change process work?