Animal Laws

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Leash Law

The property owner is responsible for their pet. The City of Temple requires that all property owners have 100% control of their animal. Your pet must be on a leash, in an enclosure or under the control of a person at all times.

Vaccination Against Rabies

The owner of each dog or cat kept within the City of Temple shall have every dog or cat vaccinated against rabies by the time the dog or cat is four months of age and once each year thereafter.

Tags and Certificate

Upon vaccinating any dog or cat, the veterinarian performing such vaccination shall deliver to the animal's owner a numbered metal tag and a certification of vaccination.

Vaccination Tags as Evidence

It shall be unlawful for an owner to allow a dog or cat over the age of four months to be at large without wearing a current metal vaccination tag issued by a veterinarian during the preceding 12 months.

Wild Animal Prohibited

The maintenance, keeping or possession of wild animals within the limits of the City of Temple is prohibited, unlawful and declared to be a nuisance.

Restriction on Keeping Rabbits

No person shall keep or maintain rabbits or hares within 150 feet of the residence of any person other than the owner or keeper thereof.  Similar rules apply to all livestock and non-pet animals. 

For More Information

Any questions about these laws, or the laws that are unlisted, can be answered by calling the Animal Services Department: 254-298-5732.