Support Your Library

Gifts & Memorials
We are happy to accept donations in honor or in memory of your friends and loved ones. We will put a bookplate in that person’s name in the book purchased. When you send the donation check in, please include the name of the person being honored and any desired wording for the bookplate. We will also send an acknowledgment to the person being honored or the family of a person being memorialized if you include the address to which to send the acknowledgment.

Donate Books

The library accepts donations of books year round. If the library needs the books they will be added to the collection otherwise they go to the Friends of the Library book sale. The library benefits from the funds raised through the book sales, so the library wins either way. If you need a receipt for your donation, we can give you a receipt for the number of books donated, but we cannot place a value on the books.
  1. Friends of the Library
  2. Volunteer Opportunities
  3. Temple Literacy Council

Friends of the Temple Public Library is an independent 501(c)3 organization that supports the library both through volunteer work and through fundraising. Membership forms are available at the library circulation desk.

Book Sale
Their primary fundraiser is the annual book sale which takes place over the Labor Day Weekend and the annual mid-winter sale which usually falls sometime in February. Donations for the book sale are accepted at the library year round. Proceeds from the book sales are used to purchase items for the library. Members of the Friends of the Library are invited to a special preview sale before the sales open to the public.

Friends members also volunteer at the library, and are especially involved in the summer time story times.