Temple Historic Tours

Temple Historic District
Temple was established in 1881 and has since become full of historic gems, such as the newly renovated Santa Fe Depot, a beautiful array of historic homes in the historic residential district, and more than a century of architectural wonders in the downtown historic district.
Many tours are offered that showcase the rich history of the area, including:
  • Driving Tour of the Historic Homes of Temple
  • Innovators and Leaders of Hillcrest Cemetery Walking Tour
  • Pioneer's Trail Walking Tour
  • Tour Temple's Museums
  • Visionaries of Hillcrest Cemetery Walking Tour
Guide & Transportation
Tour guide assistance is available for all of the above named tours. Transportation assistance is also available. Visit the Attractions page for hours of operation and entry fees at individual facilities.

More Information
To schedule a tour, contact the Temple Office of Tourism at 254-298-5418.
Hillcrest Cemetery Walking Tour
Hillcrest Cemetery is older than the City of Temple. The grounds have many marked burials that predate 1881, when the city began. This 70-acre sacred ground was once a farmer's field, where citizens in the mid-1870s began a one-room school. The cemetery evolved nearby when a student, age 17, died in 1877. An estimated 16,000 are buried here.
Different Nationalities
Epitaphs in many languages reflect the increasingly diverse nationalities who settled here:
  • Chinese
  • Czechs
  • French
  • Germans
  • Hispanics
  • Italians
  • Koreans
  • Vietnamese
Present Day
Today, visitors stroll among the graceful old trees, magnificent ornate stones and charming ambiance. Students use it as a learning lab for class projects, and history buffs learn more about their heritage.

The Hillcrest Cemetery  is located at 873 North 1st Street.

More Information
For more information, call 254-773-4626 or send a request via email.