Surplus Property

Sales of Surplus Property
Periodically the city will dispose of its surplus property by sale to the general public through an online auction process. Online auctions are held with Govdeals. This link will it will take you directly to the City of Temple's auction pages. However, please note that the GovDeals page will only be populated when the city has items up for auction.

Registering to Bid
If you are interested in bidding on any of the auction items, there is no cost to register, and you can register by clicking the "register" box in the top of the GovDeals' home page.

Selecting Criteria
Once registered and logged in, you can select different criteria that you would like to be notified about. For instance, if you would like to receive an email whenever there is an auction within a mile range of your zip code follow the steps below:
  1. Log into your account at GovDeals.
  2. On the home page, select Search by Location.
  3. Enter a zip code.
  4. Enter a distance in miles.
  5. (Optional) Select a category.
  6. Select Submit.
  7. Below the map, select Save as Favorite.
  8. Review your selection, select Save again in the pop up, or cancel to make a change.
  9. On the next page, check the box(s) to the left of the Favorite Name you wish to receive email notifications for.
Repeat this procedure to select as many criteria as you would like to be notified about.

More Information
For more information about a property and/or the process, please contact the Purchasing Department at 254-298-5655.