Procurement Methods

The Purchasing Department is required to follow purchasing laws outlined within chapters 252 and 271 of the Local Government Code as well as the City of Temple's Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual and Ordinance. This section of the website will provide information regarding purchasing levels, competitive proposals, requests for qualifications as well as cooperative purchasing.

Competitive Proposals

Request for Proposal (RFP)
A process similar to the competitive bid procedure may be used for the procurement of goods and services that are highly specialized and technical in nature. This is the Request for Proposal (RFP).

Appropriate Usage
This method is used when competitive bidding is not suitable, or not legal, as in the case in certain professional services under the State of Texas statutes. Also, this process is used when it is difficult to construct suitable specifications which are necessary in competitive bidding so that all bidders can compete on a common and equal basis.

Information Exchange
The RFP provides to the potential offeror information such as work statement, time frames and specific criteria to be used in evaluating a proposal. It requests the offeror to provide information such as an understanding of the work to be done, the approach to be used, data and pricing which sometimes includes a price breakdown or cost schedule, so the element of cost to the city is adequately considered.

Proposals are opened so as to avoid disclosure of contents to other offerors during reviews. Discussion may be conducted by an evaluation committee with responsible offerors who submit proposals determined to be reasonably suitable of being selected for award.

The purpose is to clarify and assure full understanding of, and responsiveness to, solicitation of requirements. On occasion, these offerors are requested to submit best and final offers. In conducting discussions, there shall be no disclosure of any information derived from proposals submitted by other offerors. The contract file shall contain the basis on which the award is made.

Cooperative Purchasing

The City of Temple is a member of various Purchasing Cooperatives. This allows the city to purchase directly off these cooperatives because the products or services have already met competitive bid requirements. This saves the city both time and money.