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Did you know that the City of Temple sells compost and mulch? We have Tri-Gro compost, which is a humus product produced by composting processed waste-water biosolids with wood products. Because it is carefully processed at temperatures higher than 133° Fahrenheit (55°Centigrade), it is free of weed seeds, plant diseases and pathogens.  The screened compost is tilled into the soil or used as a top dressing. It significantly increases the health of established lawns and bedded plants. 

When using unscreened Tri-Gro compost as a mulch it provides the benefits of a soil amendment and a mulch in one application. 

Why use Tri-Gro compost:

  • It will provide slow release nitrogen, making it readily available to plants longer
  • It will improve soil tilth, making digging and tilling easier
  • It will improve moisture retention, decreasing the frequency of watering
  • It will provide organic matter, incorporating micro-nutrients into the soil that commercial fertilizers can’t provide.
  •  It will normalize soil pH, making it good for both sandy and clay soil
 Product  Price Per Cubic Yard    Tax Added
 $8.50  $9.20
 Unscreened Compost  $8.50
 Native Wood Mulch  $8.50
 Screened Compost  $12.00 $12.99 
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