Design Services

The City of Temple will often engage design professionals for specific projects from a pre-qualified list of design professionals. The current list of qualified consultants were identified through RFQ #13-12-17, Professional Engineering and Architectural Design Services, with an original submission date of March 9, 2017.

​Please note: New firms can be added to the pre-qualified list at any time by following the requirements as listed in RFQ #13-12-17. In addition, firms may update their qualifications at any time.

​​The firms identified on the lists below are recognized as "pre-qualified". When design services are needed, City staff will typically select and interview firms from the list of pre-qualified firms. Sub-consultants must also have their qualifications on file with the City.

​​Consultants should contact Belinda Mattke, Director of Purchasing, or Sarah Parker, Purchasing Manager, at with any questions regarding the City's hiring of design professionals.​

Pre-Qualified Architectural & Engineering Firms

Firm City, State Primary Expertise
Alan Plummer Associates, Inc. Austin, TX Drainage,  W&S, WTP, WWTP, Enviro
Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture Grapevine, TX Arch
Baer Engineering & Environmental Consulting Inc. Austin, TX Enviro
Bandas Engineering Company Temple, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S
Bec-Lin Engineering, L.P. San Marcos, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S
Belton Engineering, Inc. Belton, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S
BLGY, Inc. Austin, TX Arch
Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, Inc. College Station, TX Arch
BSP Engineers, Inc. Temple, TX Arch, Streets, Drainage, W&S, WTP,
​WWTP, Enviro, Traffic, Geotech
Centex Engineering Belton, TX Elec, Mech, Bldg. Plumbing Services
Clark & Fuller, PLLC Temple, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S
Coleman and Associates Austin, TX Landscape
Comprehensive Engineering Solutions, Inc. Temple, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S, WTP, WWTP,
​Enviro, Structural
Datum Engineers, Inc. Austin. TX Structural
DBR Engineering Consultants, Inc. Austin, TX Electrical, Mechanical
Dewberry Architects, Inc. Houston, TX Arch
Engineering 360 Inc. Round Rock, TX Structural
Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, Inc. Granbury, TX Drainage, W&S, WTP, WWTP, Enviro, Geotech
Finger Dye Spann, Inc. Katy, TX Arch Landscape, Golf Course Architecture
Fugro USA Land, Inc. Austin, TX Geotech
Garver, LLC Round Rock, TX Arch, Streets, Drainage, W&S, WTP,
​WWTP, Elec, Mechanical, Enviro,
​Structural, Traffic
Gessner Engineering College Station, TX Streets, W&S, WTP, WWTP,
Halff Associates, Inc San Antonio,TX Landscaping Design, Drainage, Environmental, Streets, Sidewalks, Water & Wastewater Utilities
HDR Engineering- Inc. Fort Worth, TX Drainage, Enviro, Traffic
H.W. Lochner, Inc. Tyler, TX Streets, Drainage, Structural, Traffic
HVJ North Texas - Chelliah Consultants, Inc. Dallas, TX Geotech
IDA Engineering, Inc. Dallas, TX Electrical, Mechanical
Jackson Galloway Austin, TX Arch
JDAI Austin, TX Arch, Int Design
Jones/Carter Austin, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S, WTP, WWTP,
​Electrical, Traffic
K Friese and Associates Austin, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S, WTP, WWTP
Kasberg, Patrick, & Associates, LP Temple, TX Landscape, Streets, Drainage, W&S,
​WTP, WWTP, Mechanical, Traffic
Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc. Austin, TX Arch, Landscape, Drainage, W&S, WTP, WWTP, Traffic, Streets, Elevated Storage Tanks
Kleinfielder, Inc Killeen, TX W&S, Enviro, Geotech
KWH Engineering, LLC Plano, TX Mechanical
Langerman Foster Engineering Co, LLC Waco, TX Geotech
LBL Architects, Inc. Arlington, TX Arch
Lee Engineering Dallas, TX Traffic Control Analysis
Lockwood, Andrews, & Newnam, Inc. Waco, TX Arch, Streets, Drainage, W&S, WWTP,
​Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Traffic
LUCK Design Team, LLC Austin, TX Landscape
M&S Engineering, LLC Georgetown, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S, Electrical,
​Mechanical, Structural
McCreary & Associates, Inc. Dallas, TX Electrical, Mechanical, W&S, WTP, WWTP, SCADA
Mead & Hunt, Inc. Austin, TX Streets, Aviation Consulting Services
Michael W. Marrs Architects, Inc. Temple, TX Arch, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural
MRB Group Temple, TX Arch, Landscape, Streets, Drainage,
​W&S, ​WTP, WWTP, Structural
MWM DesignGroup Austin, TX Arch, Landscape, Streets, Drainage, ​W&S
Neal Architecturural Group Temple, TX Arch
Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc. Austin, TX Arch, Landscape, Streets, W&S,
​WTP, WWTP, Electrical,
​Mechanical, Structural, SCADA
Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. Arlington, TX Enviro, W&S, WTP, WWTP
Pierce Goodwin Alexander & Linville (PGAL) Austin, TX Arch, Streets, Drainage,
​Structural, Traffic
Professional Service Industries, Inc. Harker Heights, TX Geotech
Raba Kistner, Inc. Austin, TX Geotech
Rabroker & Associates, P.C. Temple, TX Electrical, Mechanical
RBDR, PLLC Waco, TX Arch
RJN Group, Inc. Austin, TX Drainage, W&S
Rock Engineering & Testing Laboratory, Inc. Round Rock, TX Geotech
SAPO Engineering Consultants Pasadena, TX Streets, Drainage, Structural
SCS Engineers Bedford, TX Enviro, Solid Waste
Signature Automation, LLC Addison, TX Electrical
Star of Texas Engineering, PLLC Temple, TX Electrical, Mechanical
Studio 16:19, LLC Round Rock, TX Landscape
Terracon Consultants, Inc. Austin, TX Enviro, Geotech
t. howard & associates architects, Inc. Dallas, TX Arch
Turley Associates, Inc Temple,TX Drainage, Streets, W&S
Walker Partners, LLC Killeen, TX Streets, Drainage, W&S, WTP, WWTP
Winton Engineering Waco, TX Arch, Structural
Woolpert, Inc. Austin, TX Arch, Landscape, Drainage, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Traffic, Streets, W&S, Airport Design, Planning, Geospatial Services
Expertise Legend:

​Arch = Architecture - Facility Design Services
​Landscape = Architecture - Landscape
​Drainage = Drainage
​Electrical = Electrical
​Enviro =Environmental
​Geotech = Geo-Technical
​Mechanical = Mechanical
​Structural = Structural
​Traffic = Traffic Control & Analysis
​Streets = Transportation Infrastructure (e.g. streets, sidewalks, rail)
​W&S =Water and Wastewater Utilities
​WTP = Water Treatment Plants
​WWTP = Wastewater Treatment Plants