UDC Planning and Zoning Permits & Inspections

Topics such as signs, fences, home occupations, accessory buildings, carports, roofs, home auto repair, garage sales and parking are just a few of the items covered in the Unified Development Code.

Questions concerning Planning, Zoning, Permits or Inspections should be referred to:
The office of Planning and/or Zoning may be reached at 254-298-5668.
The Office of Permits and/or Inspections may be reached at 254-298-5640.
And may be researched in the Unified Development Code

Unified Development Code

Article 1 General Provisions

Sec. 1.1. Title
This Ordinance is known as the Unified Development Code. References to “this Code” or “this UDC” are interpreted as references to this Unified Development Code.

Sec. 1.2. Purpose
1.2.1 This UDC is established in accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan for the purpose of promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the City. It is designed to:
A. Lessen the congestion in the streets;
B. Secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers;
C. Provide adequate light and air;
D. Prevent the overcrowding of land and avoid undue concentration of population; and
E. Facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, wastewater, schools, parks and other public requirements.