About The Program
The City of Temple encompasses parks, gardens and trails. These areas provide our community with an enhanced quality of life through recreational spaces, picnic spots, exercise opportunities, and community gathering areas.

Temple has a remarkable 49 developed parks and special use areas. The parks supply animal habitat, flood control, climate control and oxygen producing trees. These features are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for our community. Parks, gardens, and trails also help attract businesses to our area which improves Temple’s economy.
2015 July work day Terrace Gardens.jpg
Our Parks and Leisure Department works diligently to provide citizens with clean, attractive and well maintained areas. Due to the number of parks in Temple, it creates the difficulty of keeping each park in its highest condition. With your enthusiasm, willingness and effort we can keep Temple’s parks in their prime condition.

Why Adopt a Park?
This is a way to help our environment and preserve our parks, gardens and trails for the future. Sustaining the integrity of our environment now helps to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

A group or individual will receive a certificate of recognition for participating in the Adopt-A-Park Program, and a sign will be posted in the adopted area to recognize the participant(s).

The participant(s) will also be recognized at the Parks and Leisure Services’ Volunteer Dinner. Once a group completes 100 hours of service, a plaque will be awarded to recognize their accomplishment. Individuals and families will need to complete 35 hours of service to receive a plaque.