Volunteer In Parks

The Temple Parks and Recreation Department Volunteer In Parks Program wants you!
We are in the process of expanding our program and need new volunteers to help with a wide range of duties.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Application (PDF) and either fax or mail to:

Temple Parks & Recreation Department
Volunteer Coordinator
2 N Main St, STE 201
Temple, TX 76501

Fax 254-298-5541

Volunteers In Parks provide valuable services to the community by assisting in many events and programs in a variety of ways. Volunteers can participate on a regular basis or on occasion as desired. There are many opportunities for individuals and groups to choose from. Work assignments are available during most operational hours, including weekdays, nights and weekends. And because your needs as a volunteer may change over a period of time, the program offers the flexibility of reassignment or rescheduling.

Volunteer Positions

If you choose to be a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to contribute in a variety of ways. Positions include: administrative services, athletic tournaments, community events, program instructors, camp counselors, youth programs, youth sports, visitors center, golf attendants and more. If a suitable position is not available at the time of your interview, your application and interests will be placed in a resource file. As positions become available, you will be contacted.

As a V.I.P You Should:
  • Feel free to ask questions if you do not understand instructions.
  • Complete your assignment in a timely and accurate fashion.
  • Be reliable, dependable and prompt.
  • Give adequate notice of absence for illness or vacation.
  • Always be polite to customers and staff.
  • Avoid having friends call or visit you while you are working.
  • Dress according to the facility or event guidelines.
  • Maintain an accurate timesheet.  
Become a volunteer today! Call 254-298-5774