Public Works Mapping & Technology

The Public Works Mapping Division is responsible for the GIS Mapping of City infrastructure to include all water, sewer and drainage lines within Temple city limits.

Mapping staff acts as a resource and support unit to various divisions within Public Works such as: Utility Services, Streets, Engineering, Solid Waste and Water Treatment.  In addition, reports and maps are produced and geospatial information is provided to other City Departments such as: Fire, Police, City Manager's office and Parks & Leisure Services.

All record drawings are stored and maintained in both paper and AutoCad Format.
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Requests for City maps must be accompanied by a completed GIS Waiver. Completed waivers should be emailed to pwmapping@templetx.govPlease see the Water & Waste Water tab below for an interactive online map of all water and waste water lines in the City.”

City of Temple Maps

  1. Street Services
  2. Drainage
  3. Water & Waste Water
  4. Miscellaneous


The maps presented on this page are intended for informational purposes only. They have not been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering or surveying purposes. They do not represent an on-the-ground survey and represent only the approximate relative location of property boundaries and other features.