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It's All At The Summit!

Tap into your inner strength and take a Summit class today!  Our Body Fitness Menu features great classes for Members at a time that fits your schedule throughout the week!

Why not kick the fun up a notch and invest in the Summit's specialty classes!   

Come join in on the fun and meet with the Members who enjoy the best fitness classes in Temple!

Fitness Classes  

Complimentary Classes for Members

Hatha Yoga
Tone your body, organize your mind, and crush the stress in your life. Must bring own exercise mat.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:45am
Tuesday & Thursday 7:15pm

Cardio Step

Take a Step Up to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re just getting started, or are looking for an advanced challenge, this class will help burn calories, reduce stress, increase your energy and fitness level, and much, much more. This great cardio workout will allow beginners and advanced steppers to workout at their own level of intensity, so it’s perfect for everyone!
Wednesday 5:30pm

Step & Tone
This class consists of aerobic step training with intervals of resistance training. It will work all major muscle groups and is specifically designed to improve strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning. Great for beginning, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels.
Monday 5:30pm

Advanced Pilates
All good things need forward progress to keep us engaged. Our Advanced Pilates class is designed for people who want to build their repertoire in Pilates exercises and techniques. Participants must provide their own body mat.
Tuesday & Thursday 9am

Hi-Lo Cardio
Personalize the style of your workout by making choices along the way of what feels best during the activity. Participants choose between Hi or Lo during the movements of their body and fitness levels dictate. The end result is a challenging workout for everyone!
Tuesday & Thursday 10:15am

The central aim of Pilates is to create a fusion of mind and body, so that without even engaging the mind, the body will move with grace and balance. Bring those skills to your daily life and you will enjoy unprecedented benefits that will surely improve your total wellness. Participants must provide their own body mat.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8am

Tabata with Mark

This training protocol involves performing a particular exercise (or exercises) at high intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times for a total training time of 4 minutes. Bi-weekly weigh ins and measurements will be taken to track your progress during this program. Participants must provide own exercise mat.
Monday & Wednesday 7pm

Kid Included
No need to leave the kids at home...they are all welcome! Our new Saturday morning "Kid Included' exercise class is an hour long workout that is fun for the whole family. Children and parents can stay active and healthy together in our beginner level boot camp. Cardio warm-up, strength & endurance stations, and cool-down are all part of this interactive kid-friendly class.
Saturday 10am

Open Rock Climbing
If you are looking for a fun way to change the pace of your personal workout, or perhaps a unique way for the family to enjoy some quality time together, the Summit's indoor rock climbing wall will rock your world! 60 linear feet consisting of 20 foot tall climbing walls and automatic belay systems handle the best climbers and newbies alike. 
Monday - Friday 7-8pm
Saturday 9-11am
Sunday 1-3pm

Kid's Club
Enjoy our exciting and active Kid's Club! It's full of interactive games and state of the art indoor rock climbing wall. Your child is sure to have fun while staying active!
Monday-Friday 9-11am & 5-7pm
Saturday 9-11am
Sunday 1-3pm

Specialty Classes

Specialty Class Cards
This new class card can be used for any of our specialty classes! 
Members: $30/15 classes
Non-Members: $45/15 classes
Single Class: $5

Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angles is an exercise class that focuses on the problem areas for women such as the triceps, biceps, inner thighs, lower back, glutes, and abs. Burn calories and tone muscles through a variety of moves such as jumping jacks, body weight exercises, and other circuit training methods. Participants must provide their own exercise mat. 
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm
REFIT is a cardio-dance fitness program designed to engage the body and soul. In this hour-long fitness class, participants will find easy-to-learn movements designed for beginners and fitness-enthusiasts, exhilarating music, and a family-friendly environment.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30am

Summit Cycling
Ride with an amped-up group of fellow classmates and a team of Mad-Dogg certified instructors to push you to your cycling limits! Burn calories and improve your cardio-vascular stamina while toning the full body. Reserve your seat today and experience what claims to be the best spin class in Central Texas.
Monday & Wednesday 6pm
Tuesday & Thursday 12pm & 6pm

Saturday 9am
Total Body
Tap into your inner strength while enjoying the hottest ticket in women's fitness with Sara's Total Body Workout. This full-hour, total body workout features interval training in both strength and cardio while using kettle bells, step platforms, body bars, resistance bands, dumbbells, and 100% pure motivation. Participants must provide their own exercise mat.
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:10am

The Zumba party is growing and continues to delight participants in eight classes each week at the Summit. Every class features a great workout and the opportunity to achieve higher levels of fitness while having a great time!
Monday & Wednesday  6:30pm 

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Temple, TX 76501
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