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Brush & Bulk Services
Garbage/Brush/Bulk Collections Guidelines
  • Collections will occur twice a month, see map for your collection day.
  • Place the pile within 3 feet of the curb no more than 7 days prior to your scheduled collection day. Your collection day is considered Day 7, and items must be at the curb no later than 7:00 AM on that day.
  • Pile must be at least 6 feet from other objects-car, mailbox, utility meter, etc. and not be placed under any low wires or limbs.
  • Brush piles must be free of all other trash, bulk items, bags or boxes as they are all handled separately. Trash and bulk items must be placed in a separate pile. Mixed piles will be collected and a fee assessed.
  • We will pickup 6 cubic yards of brush per collection. Any amount over 6 cubic yards will be charged for. The charge will be added to your City of Temple Utility bill.
  • Small amounts (a handful or two) can be disposed of in your garbage container.
Bulk Brush Routes NEW.jpg

Private/Professional Tree Trimmer Registration 
  • Registration opens the doors to communications between the city, the tree trimmer and the resident.
  • Registration will provide information for drop off locations for trimmings and other information as needed.
  • Registration will provide an educational tool to assist in eliminating any unnecessary charges to the homeowner.

Request for City Pick-up Services
Items placed within 8 feet of the curb is a request for services and gives the City permission to pick up the items and charge according to City Ordinance and Resolution of Rates, Ordinance 15 "Garbage & Refuse."

Out of Cycle Collection
Items placed out at the curb on non collection days will be considered "out of cycle" with the additional fee of $65.00 per 6 cubic yards added to your City of Temple Utility bill. The additional fee will be effective October 1, 2006.

A "special pickup" may be requested for "out of cycle" collections by calling solid waste offices at (254) 298-5725. Special pick-ups will be billed to the customer at the appropriate rate.
Brush Pick-up Truck

Regular Collection
Regular collections do not include remodeling, demolition, building, roofing, or any hazardous materials. Such items placed at the curb at any time will be considered a request for pick up and will be billed to the customer's City of Temple Utility Bill.

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