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Library Board Minutes April 2009


Of the

Temple Public Library

Board of Trustees

April 21, 2009


The Temple Public Library Board of Trustees conducted the Regular Quarterly Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 12:00 p.m. in the Board Room on the 3rd floor of the Library Building at 100 West Adams Avenue, Temple, Texas.



Denise Karimkhani        Dr. Harry Macey                       

Don Nelson                    Dean Mohlstrom

Sammie Marshall          


Judy Duer, Library Director                               

Judy Stover, Staff

Leon Perkins, Technical Services Supervisor



Sylvia Chesser

Ronald Heuss

Twila Coley

Susan Corman

The agenda for this meeting was posted on the bulletin board at the Temple Public Library on April 15th 2009 at 4:10 p.m. in compliance with the Open Meetings Law.


The following is a summary of the proceedings of this meeting.  It is not intended to be a verbatim transcript.


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order 12:00 p.m. by Denise Karimkhani, President, who presided over the meeting. 

Approval of Minutes

Dean Mohlstrom motioned to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.    Don Nelson seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved as presented with one correction: Dr. Macey was not present at the last meeting. 

Friends Report

Judy reported for the Friends President (who was unable to attend) on the “Friends” spring book sale that was held in the McLane Room on the third floor of the Library on February 6th, 7th & 8th.   The sale brought in $11,000 for those three days. This is about half of what they make at the mall, but they were also open half the number of days  There was a questionnaire passed out to people attending the sale, and the majority wished to have the sale at the library rather than the mall.  The only complaint was the parking.  People were also pleased that there was more space to move around than at the mall. Based on the ease of setup using the library meeting room and the fact that they would not have to pay rent for the space at the mall or movers to move the books, the Friends have decided to also have the Labor Day weekend sale here at the library. They will need to do a lot of publicity since people are so used to the mall location.

Technical Services Report

Leon Perkins is the Technical Services Supervisor for the Library.  He has been with the library for 18 years and has his Masters Degree in Library Science from LSU.  His overview of the department included the duties of the 3 associates that work under his supervision. The department prepares books for the shelf, processes in the orders as they are received, repairs damaged books, places the books in the catalog, sends out library notices of fines and late fees and keeps statistics for the library.  They do have a volunteer that comes in to assist with laminating the paperbacks twice a week. Leon maintains the computer system and takes care of the backups.  The selectors in the library select and order the books that arrive in Tech Services and from there the incoming process begins.  Don Nelson questioned Leon on the methods of notifying patrons of fines and late books.  He advised that we do have an email notice system which has cut down on the total of the data mailers that we use.  The email system saves money and is much faster. Dr. Macey questioned Leon about the withdrawal of books and where they go to.  Leon advised that they are given to the “Friends” for their sale and the left over books are usually taken by the Waco Public Library for their sale.  There is a company now that will take them and sell them and give the library a commission. The Friends are investigating this option now. Denise Karimkhani questioned Leon regarding the cataloging and who catalogs the AV. (He does.)  He advised that cataloging has changed over the years. Where now it can be done with three clicks of a mouse and 3 minutes, it used to take days.  Leon advised that he does still maintain a physical shelf list.  The computer is backed up everyday and the backup tapes are kept off site.  The backup is done at around 3AM and is complete by the time he comes to work at 8AM.  Denise questioned Leon regarding the access to OCLC and he advised we no longer subscribe to OCLC, but use Worldcat some of the time.   We can access records from some libraries with Z39.50 catalogs directly otherwise it is Worldcat or original cataloging.


Election of the Board Secretary

This matter was delayed until the next meeting due to several people being absent.


Library Director’s Report

Judy Duer, Library Director passed out the annual report. This is a report we send to the State Library to show our annual activity, income and spending. The statistics reported are reported by libraries all over the country so that comparisons can be made.  Our library shows a 1.6 million dollar budget of which about 1 million is salaries and benefits.  We reported a total collection size of 159,645 volumes, compared to about 80,000 when we moved into this building.  Weeding is ongoing to keep the collection current.  Over 444,000 books were checked out and 79,000 reference questions were answered.  We currently have about 31,000 registered borrowers and we had 287,357 visits to the library as verified by the door counter. Our registered borrowers include anyone with a current library card. It is not limited to Temple residents. We do have some patrons that only use our internet services.  Purging of borrowers is done periodically.  If their cards have not been used in two years, they are purged from the system.  Many libraries nationwide are reporting an increase in use due to the economy, but we are not seeing that to any great extent yet.

There was a question on the number of degreed staff within the library.  There are four full-time and one part-time librarian with master degrees.  Dean Mohlstrom asked whether we have any “sister library” relationship with other area libraries, particularly small towns like Moody, which do not have much funding. We do not have anything formal although we are used by patrons from many of the surrounding towns.

There was a discussion on where the money for our library comes from.  Judy advised that the funds reported in the Annual Report are from the City of Temple. Any donations which are run through the City also show up in the report. However, the Foundation and Friends often pay directly for things for the library and the Foundation is paying for the architect utilized in the remodel.  The Friends have paid for much of the recent purchases of furniture for the library so that we can keep the décor consistent throughout the library. 

Judy passed out a copy of the pending library budget and explained the process of putting it together this year.  It is a program-based budget which divides up the budget by programs and activities with the activities having to be prioritized.  There were four budgets turned in for consideration (a base budget and three reduced budgets).  There has to be justification sheets for each activity and the library has 18 listed activities.  For each activity there had to be at least two performance measures and we had to submit actual statistics for 2007, 2008 and year-to-date for the current year. She also had to submit target numbers for each of the four budgets in each activity justification. Judy has a three hour meeting on April 29th to present and defend her budget.  Judy explained the priority page of the budget to the Board.  There was a question and answer session on the prioritizing.  The City Manager is waiting to project revenues as long as possible in the hope of getting a more accurate forecast. However, he is required to present the budget for approval in August. That is one reason he is asking for multiple levels of budget, so that he can be prepared for whatever comes up. 

Dr. Macey questioned Judy regarding the budget process helping her or hindering her.  She said that although it was a very time consuming process, it did make her think about alternative ways of doing things. She indicated that she has always used a zero budget process so that part was not that difficult. 

Judy gave an update on the construction progress.  Friday afternoon, the engineer and the soil sample company had a meeting and agreed that they are going to need to shore up the hills on the south and west sides with retaining walls and replace the actual foundation where it is subsiding.  Once the engineer submits the drawings next week, our contractor can send everything out for re-bid.  Once those are all in, it will have to go to the Council for approval. 

Judy explained that replacing the roof is also a concern in terms of spending renovation funding. It has been bid out twice, the most recent time with the help of a roofing consultant, and the low bid was $247,000, considerably more than what had been budgeted in the CIP (Capital Improvement Plan). The City Manager has asked that we work with the low bidder to see if we can come up with some cost savings. Dean Mohlstrom questioned if it had to be done now or could it wait a year or two?  Judy said that it probably could wait a year or two, but the question is whether any more funds would be available then. If the foundation and roof replacement eat up too much of our renovation funding, Judy advised that the Foundation possibly could give us more but she was not going to go back to them until she had some definitive answers for them. 

There was a brief discussion on the issues with the building and all agreed that deferring maintenance is not a good idea.

No further business was opened for discussion.

Denise thanked everyone for attending.  The next meeting will be July 21, 2009.  The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Stover


City of Temple
2 North Main Street
Temple, TX 76501
Phone: (254) 298-5561