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Public Safety Division
Overview and Mission
It is the mission of the Temple Fire & Rescue to respond to and mitigate emergencies involving incidents of fire, the entrapment of persons, unplanned release of dangerous goods and pre-hospital emergency medical incidents in addition to taking pro-active measures and educating the community to ensure their safety from like emergencies.

Conmmunity Education Officers
Fire Fighters on Training
In June 1990, the Temple Fire Department created the temporary position of Public Education Officer. A firefighter was assigned to Public Education and was given some basic responsibilities regarding fire prevention. Through the years that office has evolved to what it is today: two full-time community education officers supervised by a Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention and Education. The early years when the Pub-Ed officers covered "Learn not to Burn" has expanded into a multitude of Injury Prevention programs.

Community Education Officers are actively involved in injury prevention programs with Temple Elementary Schools. The department uses the Risk Watch curriculum which was developed by the National Fire Protection Association and Lowe’s Home Safety Council. The curriculum addresses the top 8 risk areas that injure or kill the most kids every year:

Fire Fighters on Training
  • Motor vehicle injuries
  • Fire and burn injuries
  • Choking, suffocation and strangulation injuries
  • Poisoning injuries
  • Fall injuries
  • Firearms injuries
  • Bike and pedestrian injuries
  • Water injuries

City of Temple
2 North Main Street
Temple, TX 76501
Phone: (254) 298-5561