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Construction Safety


2 North Main Street, Temple, TX 76501 | Ph: (254) 298-5640 & Press 0 
Monday – Friday | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Construction Safety Department




Construction Safety Department consists of three subdivisions. The Construction Safety Department is responsible for the general administration of the public's life, health and welfare and improve the quality of life in Temple through the adoption, interpretation and enforcement of performance based building codes and zoning ordinance. This department consist of three subdivisions. Inspections, Permits, and Code Enforcement.

Building Permits:

Building Permits are required to erect, alter or enlarge any structure on your residential or commercial property. Permits are required for work ranging from new construction, remodeling, repair, and additions, to new roofs, swimming pools, retaining walls, lawn sprinklers and signs. Whether you are building a new facility or adding on, a permit must be accompanied with a site plan that shows the proposed work and its location in relation to property lines existing buildings. Plan diagrams and specifications assist in determining if the project conforms to building and zoning regulations. Permits are also needed when owner, authorized agent, or contractor who desires to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, the installation of which regulated by the technical codes. Requirements for new commercial building are: 4 sets of plans, 2 CDs and 2 paper copies, with completed permit application. 

Work may not begin until after the permit application has been approved and picked up.

For any clarification or questions please call our Inspection Hotline at 254-298-5640 & Press 0.


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Building Permits Archive

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The Building Inspection Department reviews construction plans for residential, commercial and other projects. They approve plans and follow up with periodic inspections to ensure that work meets various building codes and ordinances. The City of Temple has adopted the following codes as of January 1, 2012:  Untitled2.jpg
International Building Code - 2009

International Energy Conservation Code - 2009

International Electrical Code - 2008

International Fire Code - 2009

International Fuel Gas Code - 2009

International Property Maintenance Code - 2009

International Mechanical Code - 2009

International Plumbing Code - 2009




If a contractor/owner needs to speak with an inspector, they are normally in the office Monday - Friday between 8:00 and 9:00 am and from 4:00 - 5:00 pm. In case of emergencies the inspector will work with a contractor/owner so not to leave a customer without gas, electrical or plumbing. The contractors are responsible for calling in their own inspections.



To request an inspection please call our Inspection Hotline at 254-298-5640.

Building Inspector: Brian Kosel - (254) 298-5446

Electrical Inspector: James Redden - (254) 298-5644

Plumbing Inspector: Mike Deorsam (254) 298-5448

Fire Marshall: Jonathan Christian - (254) 298-5426


Please leave the following information when requesting an inspection:

  • Permit Number
  • Construction Address
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • What kind of inspection

Substandard Structures: A structure is considered substandard when it does not meet the standards of specifications established in the International Property Maintenance Code. The International Property Maintenance Code enables the City of Temple to require repair, maintenance or demolition of structures that may endanger the life, health and safety of occupants or the public. The code requires owners to maintain their structures and to prevent infestation of insects and rodents.  Untitled4.jpg

Commission Hearings
Building and Standards Commission hears and determines cases concerning alleged violations of the City Ordinances related to building codes, including the minimum housing code; conditions covered by accumulation of matter creates unsanitary and unhealthy conditions. The board determines repairs, maintenance or demolition of structure. There are 5 members which meet 1st Monday of each month at 2:00 pm in the City Council Chambers North Main St.






City of Temple
2 North Main Street
Temple, TX 76501
Phone: (254) 298-5561