Parks Policies

City of Temple 

Park Use and Regulations

Adopted 4/11/17

1. Purpose

These rules are for the use of City of Temple parks, recreation, and special use areas.  These rules are intended as guidelines to provide safe and secure areas within the jurisdiction of the City of Temple Parks and Recreation Department while allowing for the fullest enjoyment.

2. Definitions/Terms

1) “Parks and Recreation Department” is commonly abbreviated as PARD.
2) “Director” means the Director of PARD, and includes the Director’s designee.
3) “Park or Park Facility” includes all parks, recreational facilities, special use areas as well as other areas belonging to the City and managed or under the authority of PARD. 
4) “Park Employee” includes all full and part time staff hired by the City of Temple.
5) “Permit” means a permit issued under the authority of PARD.
6) “Permittee” means a person holding a permit from PARD.

3. Hours open to the public

1) Community Parks hours are 5 a.m. until 11 p.m., unless the Director has otherwise authorized.
2) Neighborhood and Pocket Parks hours are 5 a.m. until 9 p.m., unless the Director has otherwise authorized.
3) Marvin Fenn Recreation Center hours vary as it is part of the Sammons Golf Course. 
Unless the Director has otherwise authorized, the park hours are: 

              November - March         Dawn - 4 p.m.

                         April - October                Dawn - 7 p.m.

4. Use of Park Facilities

1)   A park facility is typically available for public use on a first come, first served basis, unless the facility/pavilion is available for rent, in which case the permitted renter has priority.
2)   Individuals/groups renting facilities/pavilions must go through PARD main office to pay appropriate fees. Permits should be carried with the individual/group to verify the rental or risk being asked to leave. Rental boxes are located on or nearby the facility/pavilion showing who has rented the location.                          
3)  A person shall comply with all City signs and markers in a park.                          
4)  PARD may establish maximum occupancy for any park area or facility.   
5)   The Director may close a park or area due to maintenance or safety concerns.
a)   When practical, staff will post such notices.
b)   A person may not enter these areas until instructed to do so either with written notice or by the opening of an entrance gate.
6)  Trail Use      
a)  On a trail, a cyclist shall yield to a runner or a walker, and a runner shall yield to a walker.      
b)  Cyclists may not be more than two abreast if this impedes other trail traffic.       
c)   On a trail, wheeled devices (e.g. skateboards, hover-boards, rollerblades, scooters, bicycles, etc.) may be used, however they must be used in a controlled and safe fashion.  No gasoline powered wheeled devices may be used.    
d)   Special events on trails must obtain a permit through the PARD main office.
7)  Glass containers in any form are not allowed at any of the parks.      This prohibition also applies to special events.

5.   Special Events

1)  All special events must obtain a permit through the PARD main office.
2)  In order to help make an event successful, certain application deadlines must be followed in order to get the proper approval from various City Departments.  Without this, an organizer runs the risk of not being able to get their event approved.

             a)  under 100 persons                               15 working days

             b)  100+ persons                                     30 working days

3) All events that need security will go through the Temple Police Department and if they cannot provide services, Bell County Sherriff Department is acceptable.             
a)  Temple Police/Sherriff’s Department will determine the appropriate number of officers needed.               
b)  PARD will verify with the Police/Sherriff’s Department that services will be provided.            
c)  Security will be paid before the event begins, directly to the officers, and in cash.
d)  Security/City staff reserves the right to end an event for safety concerns or violation of PARD policies, and/or local, State or Federal laws.
4) When available, the following items are available to be rented:
a)   tables                         $    4.00 each
b)   chairs                         $     .50/each
c)   cones                          $     .25/each
d)   delivery charge             $      25.00
5)  During the approval process, PARD will forward the special event application to appropriate departments for approval.  However, additional items needed from other departments, such as trash cans, barricades, etc., will need to be coordinated by the permittee directly from that department.

                      6)  If a person or group wishes to sell alcohol on City of Temple property, a letter from the City Manager for approval must be secured.

7)  If an event will require road closures, the permittee must notify all impacted property owners about the event and provide contact information for the main PARD office so that any concerns may be conveyed to the PARD staff.  Permits will not be issued until this process is completed.  Property owners must be given at least 2 working days notice to contact the PARD main office with questions or concerns.

8)  If an event disrupts the normal operation of a rentable space such as a pavilion, the 
permittee will be required to rent that area for the duration of the event.

9)   Any event requiring PARD staff assistance must pay $20 per person per hour    through the PARD main office at the time of permit application.  The Director will determine the total           fees charged.

10) PARD reserves the right to restrict the number of special events on the same day due to:
          • Lack of staff resources, if being requested;
          • Same type of activity to avoid negatively impacting each other

6. Noise

1)   A person may not use offensive language or gestures that would be offensive to a person of ordinary sensibility.
2)   Discharge of firearms is not allowed unless it is in the scope of a peace officer performing his/her duty.
3)   Fireworks are not allowed.
4)   A person may not operate a noise-making device in violation of applicable laws.

7. Recreational guns/bow and arrow

1)   Air guns, paintball guns, and bow and arrows are not allowed unless permission is   specifically granted by the Director.
2)   Any event which proposes to use such items must be permitted through the PARD main office.

8. Parking

1)   A person may park a motor vehicle in designated areas only.
2)   Parking on grass or other non-improved surfaces is not allowed unless the Director has given permission.

9. Food Trucks

1)  Food trucks are only allowed at our Parks during special events or at any designated food truck park.       
2)  Permittee must follow all local and state health code laws.
3)  Permittee must follow Fire Marshal’s food truck guidelines.
4)  All special event food truck applications go through the City of Temple Parks and Recreation’s Special Event Coordinator.

10. Outdoor Classes/Lessons

1)   The mission of the PARD is to encourage and promote healthy activities and lifestyle.
2)   Outdoor classes must not interfere or conflict with the normal operation of a park or recreational facility.
3)   The site used must be left free from any debris or litter generated from the activity.
4)   Lessons/open play must be limited in entirety to two hours when citizens are waiting.
5)   No fees are collected from PARD for these types of activities.

 11. Metal Detecting

1)   This type of activity is not allowed on any PARD athletic surfaces.
2)   No more than an approximate 3” diameter hole can be dug.
3)   Dirt must be put back in place.
4)   Persons failing to adhere to these policies may be banned from this activity at all parks. 

12. Drones/Remote Controlled Airplanes

1)   A person must follow all applicable laws while using a drone/airplane.
2)   No one may use a drone/airplane during a PARD event without the Director’s approval.
3)   A person operating a drone or remote controlled airplane is responsible for any bodily injury or property damage caused by that activity.
4)   The only allowed place for flying remote controlled airplanes is at the designated area in West Temple Park, unless otherwise approved by the Director.

13.  Fires and Firewood

1)   A person may not light or build a fire in a park except in a device provided, maintained, and designated for that purpose, or as authorized by the Director.
2)   A portable camp stove or portable barbecue grill of metal construction may be used in a designated picnic area.
3)   Once finished with a fire in an approved device, the fire should be extinguished completely.
4)   During extreme fire hazard conditions, the Director may prohibit all fires in designated areas.
5)   A person may not cut any tree in any park for firewood.

14. Camping and Overnight Use

                      1)   No overnight use of a park without prior authorization.

15. Animals

1)  Horses and other large animals are not permitted within any park.
2)   Dogs are not required to be on a leash, but they must be under verbal control at all times.

16. Facility Rentals

1)   All park rental facilities, including pavilions, have maximum capacities to not only provide for the safety of guests, but to also provide for the best experience possible.

2)   The Sammons Community Center, Wilson Park Recreation Center, Blackmon Recreation Center, Clarence Martin Gym, and the Mayborn Convention Center have specific rental policies and rates due to the uniqueness of each location.  Any rental questions shall be directed to the individual location.

3)   All pavilions and the Gober Party House must be rented through the PARD main office. 

4)   Due to needs versus space limitations at any of our rental facilities, PARD reserves the right to not rent that particular facility.  PARD will do their best to recommend another City facility that will meet the event’s needs.

17. Trespassing

1)   A person shall comply with all posted signs within a park or facility.
2)   A person shall comply with all instructions from PARD staff or risk being asked to leave the premises.
3)   Failure to leave after being asked by a PARD employee can result in a trespassing charge.