FY 2015 - 2017 $40.4M

Projects Scheduled for Design and/or ROW Acquisition Only 

  • Hogan Road Improvements (SH 317 to S. Pea Ridge)
  • Poison Oak (SH 317 to Future Outer Loop) - ROUTE STUDY
  • S. Pea Ridge (Hogan to Poison Oak) - ROUTE STUDY

Projects Scheduled for Design and/or ROW & Construction
  • Kegley Road Improvements (Adams to N. of Stripes Sub-station)
  • Kegley Road & Adams Avenue Traffic Signal Upgrade
  • Outer Loop, Phase III-B (Channel to Jupiter)
  • Prairie View Road, Phase II (N. Pea Ridge to FM 2483)
  • Tarver Roadway Extension (to Outer Loop)
  • Traffic Signal Upgrade - S. 1st Street @ W. Avenue R


Projects Scheduled for Construction (Design & ROW Complete)

  • Legacy Pavement Preservation Program (Maintenance) - Map
  • SH 317 Sidewalks (TxDOT Agreement)
  • W Avenue U - 13th/17th Connector, Phase I

Completed Projects

  • Prairie View Road Phase I (Research Pkwy to N. Pea Ridge)
  • Western Hills Street Recostruction