Rental Information

Rental Rates

 Facility (Rental Rooms)
Morris Ballroom $100.00/hr
Multi Purpose Room
Wilson Room $45.00/hr
Deposit $100

For more information call The Sammons Community Center 254-298-5403. Call for Non-Profit or Youth Teams/Clubs prices.

Rental Rules & Regulations 
  1. Sammons Community Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. Reservations can be made with Sammons Community Center staff at the center during normal business hours. The Facility can be rented between 8:00a.m.and 12:00 midnight. All rentals must be a minimum of two (2) hours. Rental times are in consecutive, hourly increments. The times on the Permit Holder permit include the set up, tear down, and cleaning time. An attendant will be on duty during the designated hours of the rental permit. 
  2. Smoking in the facility is prohibited at all times. Smoking is allowed only in the outside designated area. 
  3. The use of candles must be coordinated through the center Manager. All open flames will follow the City of Temple Fire Marshall’s open flame policy. Battery operated flames are encouraged. 
  4. Individual(s) renting the facility are responsible for controlling the behavior of their guests at the facility during the rental session. 
  5. The Permit Holders of the rental rooms will leave the premises as they found it; meaning decorations, food, etc, need to be cleaned up. All trash will need to be placed in the provided containers in your rental room. 
  6. Decorations are permitted on the tables and chairs only; scotch or masking tape can be used, but must be completely removed during clean up. Please no glue, nails, screws, etc. Glitter and confetti are prohibited at all times. 
  7. The rental rooms must be cleaned and vacated by the Permit Holders at stated ending time on the permit. The parking lot and the immediate facility area are considered part of the facility and must be free from litter. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of part or all of the rental deposit. 
  8. The rental fee and the required deposit of $100.00 are due in full at the time of the reservation for each room rented. Fees may be paid by cash, MasterCard/Visa, or a check payable to the City of Temple. The deposit will be returned to the Permit Holder in approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the rental, contingent upon the facility being left in the same condition in which it was rented. The attendant on duty and the Permit Holder will conduct a walk-through of the rental area following the completion of the rental to determine that the rental area is left in satisfactory condition. If it is not left in the condition in which it was found, Sammons Community Center staff will clean it at a fee of $20 per hour to be taken out of your deposit 
  9. Reservations can be made up to12 months ahead of rental date or as soon as 5 business days before desired time. Cancellations must be made within two weeks of the rental date for a full refund less 10%. Cancellations 6 days to 13 days will receive half the rental rate less 10%. Cancellations 5 business days or less will not be refunded. 
  10. Only the room/rooms rented can be used by the renter and all guests. All activities and persons (including children) are restricted to the area that was rented. All other rooms and equipment are off limits. 
  11. For all events serving alcohol, having live music, and/or a D. J., a Security Officer will be required. This will be an off-duty City of Temple Police Officer. The facility Manager will make the appropriate arrangements with the Temple Police Department. The Police Department will determine the number of officers needed. The officer/s will be paid by the Permit Holder at the conclusion of the event. The officer on duty, at his/her discretion, can call for additional officers if deemed necessary. If more officers are called to duty, the Permit Holder will be required to pay for the additional officer/s. Payments must be made to the officer/s by cash or check. Failure to pay the officer/s can result in criminal charges. 
  12. 12:00 midnight is the deadline to have the facility and outside premises cleaned and vacated. 
  13. Failure to adhere to any and/or all of these procedures will be grounds for the forfeiture of part or all of the security deposit and the right to use the facility in the future.